Saturday, March 12, 2011

Addison turns 5....

And I decide we should host the party at our house....We usually don't host at our house.  I tend to find it not more cost effective (at least the way I do them ;) and A LOT more work.  However, this year Addi didn't really know where she wanted to go and about the start of the planning time, I got inspired.  After following a few links from a messageboard, I stumbled across this Olivia themed party...
Fantastic, totally inspiring Olivia party  And since Addison loves Olivia, it all just made sense. 

I actually started in February (trying hard not to procrastinate and therefore stress out).  I stalked Etsy- place of all homemade goodness looking for Olivia ideas. There, I saw an idea that led me to this sign:

I made this using Jen's cricut (which cuts bigger than mine) and lots of ribbon.  Using the basic red, black & white colors made it pretty easy to buy decor.

A close up...this was kinda fun to make.

Then I saw my first activity, name necklaces...I could have bought the kits for $4.50/each from the seller, but decided I could do them more cost effective at home.  I had to order the wooden beads to be finished & got hosed in shipping costs from the seller, otherwise these would have been really cheap to do.

These are in process...a little white spray paint goes a long way. Jason actually painted these...he got roped into quite a few projects for this party!

And this is how they turned out....not too bad! After they dried I used the Sharpie paint pens (which were AWESOME!) and wrote the letters on the blocks. I alternated red & black lettering & each was a different font (or the best I could do). I then put all the letters in a bag for each of the girls, which made it really easy at party time to pass out each kit. I also painted round beads black to use a spacers, some girls used them, some didn't. They only thing I wish I would have done is use a different string. I used the plastic lace & had a hard time knotting them to stay together. 

This was the integral part of the Olivia party- the huge cut out! I took some of Addi's books to Kinkos & had them blow it up to 36X48 (the color version was way too much).  I then used a spray glue to adhere it to foam core board.  After some trial & error (and 4 Xacto blades) I had a cut out Olivia!  When Addi saw it she said, "It's like she's really here!" That made all the hand cramps worth it! :)

The finished project.  I used red glitter glue to jazz  her up a bit.  I used sliver & red glitter glue to highlight her crown.  Then Jason used a stand I use for photo backgrounds to attach it to her & stand her up.  Addi is very excited to move this into her room! I colored copied other pictures & mounted them to black foam core board, so they had a "framed" look.

Addi showing off her party dress that I bought off of etsy. If only you could see the red & white striped leg warmers...too cute!

View of the kitchen from the entry way.  I used a muslin to make the tablecloth. When I was buying the muslin, I spotted the black & white polka dot fabric & decided we needed that too. I made a runner with that (just don't look too closely at it!)
Being cheesy while enjoying lunch with her friends.

Addison's cake.  I ordered this from a local bakery in downtown Plainfield.  I thought it turned out really good!

I made a few bouquets using fake roses & some jars & vases I had.  I had also ordered a digital round image of Olivia with different sayings that I used on her invite envelopes. I used these again for the bouquets.

I wasn't in the mood to deal with taking the labels off the jars, so I used a wide ribbon to cover it.  The ribbon was on Valentine clearance at Joann's - so even better!

I hung some tulle streamers & then used large buttons & ribbon to accent the corners.  Me & the hot glue gun were best friends by the time this party was over!

I found some fun hang-y things for the ceilings at Party City.  I also bought some Valentine ornaments from Joanns (also on clearance & begs the question, who needs valentine ornaments?!?) but it worked for my purpose!

And what party isn't complete without a feather boa?!?

The table & chairs.  We had to use the dining room table in the kitchen so we could fit all the girls.  I really didn't want 8 girls, food, and crafts on carpet.  So we switched the tables around & it worked great!

view from the sunroom

For the front door.  Also used Jen's cricut for this one...wonder if I should pay her a rental fee!?? :)

These were the goody bags.  I ordered them from etsy as well.  They are black canvas totes with the girls names embroidered on them.  In the goody bags were glitter playdough that I made (and I have the hot pink fingers to prove it), crayons and a folder with Olivia coloring pages. We also slipped their frames & necklaces in there, which made it easy when pick up time came. I made the 2 red hair bows on the outside of the bag, because Olivia likes her red hair bows!

Being sung to.....
Enjoying her cake...very sassy...
Reading her birthday card
Another shot of the can even see the crumbs from the party! :)
playing pin the bows on Olivia.  We also played dress up relay, but I don't think that one was too big of a hit! 

I am sure there is more I am forgetting, but you get the idea.  I have a few ideas for Ella's party, so this should get interesting! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Final Project

Ok, so this one didn't make the final cut...but I really liked it. It was my "mood" picture!

The Paramount Theater in downtown Aurora

This one ended up being my mood shot... our magnolia tree in the front yard

My people picture....Addi was such a good sport! It was cold & windy that day & she said "Mommy, I am cold!" Just one more! Smile" And she did! What a good girl!!

And that ends my first semester. I ended with an A in the class & can't wait to take my next one!

Friday, November 13, 2009

my last assignment before the final....

The dreaded self portrait!! I am not even going to go into what it took to get this picture or how many I had to take before it!

I turned it in yesterday & realized that my monitor coloring is came out a touch too dark on the print. So now I need to figure out a way to adjust my monitor. This should be interesting.

I got an A on my last 2 pictures, so I think I am finally getting a handle on things. Now I just need to work on my final project.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

that's right...

The odd angles assignment. This one was interesting....

Our foyer chandelier ...

I was so proud I had thought of this one, but then the day I turned it in, another girl had done the same thing. So annoying.

so, where did I leave off???

I can't remember which assignments I have posted & which I haven't...anyway, here's tomorrows homework. The assignment was ad photos. One for a specific brand, and one a generic stock photo that could be used for multiple purposes. I realized this week that the longer I am in this class, the harder the homework is getting. And not because the subject matter is getting harder, but now I am consciously applying everything I have learned to EVERY picture. I realized this after looking back at my photos and having no less that 20 or 30 pictures of colored pencils in a jar. I am becoming so critical!!

Next week I have a self portrait- which I have been dreading all semester. I am supposed to be behind the camera, not in front! I also have to write a paper (?!?) odd for a photo class, but I need to pick a famous news photo & write a one page paper on the composition & lighting etc. Part of me likes this assignment, I love looking through old photos. But then part of me thinks, "if this picture has stood the test of time & years later people remember it & it evokes memories & feelings, who am I to criticize!?!" oh well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

this weeks, last weeks & a few redos...

This was taken at the pumpkin farm from this weekend. It is a redo of the stop action shot from a few weeks ago. Once I figured out how to change shutter speed on my camera, stop action became SO much easier!!

Also from the pumpkin farm, one of 2 nature shots due for tonight's class.

Taken under a tree looking up at football practice, second nature shot for this week.

Last week's sports action shot, I feel like I totally missed the mark on this one & I have the redo ready to turn into tonight. (see below)

The redo- it was the boys celebratory shoulder bump after a touchdown. I was so excited that I actually caught them midair! The actual shot being turned in is cropped much closer.

The other assignment from last week- a nonaction sports shot-- still wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but the best I could do at the time.

Next week's assignment is odd angles/perspectives. This should be interesting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

last weeks assignments... people pics

I had to take one outside.....

And one inside (no flash)-- Originally the idea was to take pics of another child so the class wouldn't get tired of seeing mine. Mine didn't like that idea, but I think the one of the two of them turned out pretty cute!

Got 2 B+ on the action & pan shot (football & Addi swing)...I can't seem to make that extra touch for the A....very aggravating (an anal, I know!)

To be posted soon.....sports, 1 active 1 non active....